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    Looking for digital camera, possibly a printer bundle for my sister to take photos of my niece. She uses her mobile phone just now and doesnt have a computer. Nothing fancy, just one thats good for taking photos of kids. my mum has a lexmark photo printer that does memory cards, pictbridge etc so if just a camera, would be good if I got one that worked with it so she could print photos when at my mums too.

    Also, are dedicated photo printers better than all in one printers for quality, cost of consumables etc? R there any that can do standalone? I have a PC and am looking to upgrade my printer so I can print photos but not sure if better to have them seperate.

    Thanks for any advice, bit behind in technology as have been busy being a mum last 2 years!


    Heres a pretty decent little camera which should fulfill all your needs and its in the Argos sale starting Christmas day....Good price aswell..:)

    As for the printer get yourself a HP psc 1350 does everything and prints fantastic photo's aswell..Here ya…tml…htm

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    Thanks for that - I have reserved the camera in Argos - just got to work out how to get there, or see if someone will give me a lift! I dont drive and am about 15 miles away from the nearest one and my family stay 30 miles away. Its annoying husband was supposed to get home but has been delayed! Dont know what I am going to do about Xmas dinner - maybe just have to fork out the £35 for a taxi to Argos and Tesco and back home - just wish I had someone to look after the kids (Ages 13 months and 23 months!) as I cant get a delivery slot till 28th which aint any use! Bet its going to be a nightmare taking kids shopping for groceries at this time of year!

    Hope you get your camera and your christmas shopping, shouldn't be too bad as most would have done there shopping by now just a few stragglers left that leave it to the last minute..

    Good luck with the camera Nikki...Glad I could help..:thumbsup:
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