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    Hello, I'm in urgent need of a digital camera, I can only get it from the highstreet and i need the camera tomorrow.

    I have £50 and the camera needs to be 4megapixel or better + optical zoom.. Do you know anywhere?

    Rep given if you can help!


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    Thanks - Rep added, do you know any highstreet retailers, I found one on the jessops website, but instore its 60 -.-

    Depends on where you live at what's going to be available on a Sunday.

    The above are the only ones I can find, are they no good?

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    I found that, theres only one store 'near' me 7 miles, but i'd have to get the bus, and if i got there and it wasnt £50 i'd be really pissed off, or if they didnt have any in, because im guessing its clearence stock

    I live in Nottingham, I have reserved one anywhoo. And i'll ring up in t'morning.

    ^^ looks good, go for it. If you have reserved it then it should be there when you go.

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    Just wondering bout the price
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