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    I was looking to buy a digital camera between £150-£200. I thought it would be easy but i see there are so many digital cameras. Also the reviews on the internet see to contradict each other. I was going for sony dsc-w80 but people say the quality of the indoor pictures are poor. So i was looking at the canon ixus 70 but that does not have battery status, which i would find important.

    Could any one tell what i should look for in a digital camera, which would be suitable for indoor photos and outdoor. Also it needs to be pretty small so i can put it in my pocket. Also a viewfinder would be a bonus.



    This site is excellent.

    Fuji F20 at Argos, is excellent for use in low light conditions.:thumbsup:


    I've found the best thing to do is go into a store and get recommendations. Jessops tend to have really helpfull staff that know what they are talking about (most of the time).

    Tell them what you need regards resolution, ease of use, size, extras - such as tripods etc - and they will give you a good head start on what is suitable for you and what will fit into your budget.

    then go away with the model number in mind, google like crazy and get it for much less than they are selling it. Dont forget to check the voucher section here too, and quidco if it applys.


    I never buy a digital camera without reading the reviews. You can too easily end up with a lemon, even with the big brands.

    Go to a store, Try them out, Say "I'll have a further read up of those 2/3"

    Then go home see the cheapest price, Go back and say "this is the cheapest price i've found, Can you match it"

    Get a digital camera that has around 5-6 megapixels and around not less than 3 optical zoom, dont get anything less than this as the camera will be pants.

    oh get one with about a 2.5 inch viewable screen on the back as you will be able to see if the picture is a good one or not.

    What ever you do.....DONT GET A CAMERA WITHOUT OPTICAL ZOOM !!, only the option of digital zoom is the worst ever as it cant magnify properly and the screen is all blurry.

    ]http//ww…om/ is good for reviews.

    I never have any problems with indoor pictures on my Canon Ixus 60

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    [SIZE=2]I went to my local currys store and the sales person wasn't bother it showing me the cameras. Even though there were no other customers. He just kept saying all the cameras are having their battery charged. I asked which would be suitable for me with my specification and just said "all of them."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]By the way is it true that canon digital cameras do not have "battery status" on the cameras so you can't tell how much battery life is left?[/SIZE]

    spudgun site is excellent.

    Thanks for this - brilliant site!

    By the way is it true that canon digital cameras do not have "battery … By the way is it true that canon digital cameras do not have "battery status" on the cameras so you can't tell how much battery life is left?[SIZE=2]thanks[/SIZE][SIZE=2]rockinter[/SIZE]

    My ixus 60 only shows when the battery is low. YOu can take about another 30 photos after the warning,
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