Found 19th Sep 2007
Hi there, could anyone please help me? I am after a good quality point and shoot camera for around the £150 mark if possible, Thanks



I posted earlier this month looking for a decent first digital camera and I was advised to look at the Fuji F20 which is the best point and shoot camera for under £100. Asda do them for £79 just now. It takes great pics in low light too and just looks and feels great. Maybe you should have a look at that and see what you think? Amzon do a fuji memory card 1gB for approx £10. Fuji have a great range...Fuji F31, Fuji F40, etc…n37

Have you looked at i think it's a great website for those of us who don't really know much technical stuff. It has a table of camera reviews and a variety of test shots for each camera.

It recommends the Canon Powershot A550 as a simple to use good quality camera at about £105.…cfm

hope it helps!

I've got a Canon Powershot A540 and can certainly vouch for the Canon Powershot range, but really there are a few things you need to ask yourself before getting a digital camera.

Batteries - do you want to use a built in Lithium Ion battery, this generally allows for smaller cameras as the battery can be designed to fit into that particular camera, they also usually (but not always) last longer on a single charge than rechargeably NiMH AA's. However, the advantage of using AA's is that if you're out with the camera and the batteries do run out, you can always buy some Alkaline AA's as an emergency. Personally I like to use high capacity NiMH AA's for this reason. On the other hand you could always buy a spare Li-ion battery and keep it charged up...

Type of photos - The vast majority of good brand digital cameras will take perfectly good snapshots in daylight, however if you intend to take lots of photos in less than ideal conditions then performance can vary. Some cameras (Canon Powershot range and Fuji F series plus maybe some others) have a focus assist lamp for low light conditions, which helps to keep your images sharp in low light conditions where other cameras can fail to focus. I beleive the Fuji F series are particularly good in poor conditions as they have excellent performance at high ISO settings.

Resolution - PLEASE do not assume that the higher the number of Megapixels, the better the camera will be. My old Canon was only 3.2 MP and I managed to print out photos to A3 size so if you see a cheap 10 MP camera I would strongly suggest to leave it. Unless you need to seriously crop images or print them out to enormous sizes, then most current models will be fine.

Check out the online reviews, like scatti-luci said, [url][/url], or I quite like ]Steve's Digicams

Hope this helps


I normally use a digital slr camera but the one I keep in my pocket is the Casio EX z1050. Excellent camera and around £124 from Amazon.Great photos, great battery life.

Fuji all the way at this price level....F20, F30 or F31 depending on how much you want to save

I recently upgrade to Canon IXUS 950 IS. (Amazon got it for 179)
I find it very easy to use and the picture and video quality is very good.

There's an offer for a FREE Lowepro Peak 30 Digital Camera Pouch until the end of September too.

Go through ecashback to get extra cashback too.
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