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    Hi All

    I am looking to buy a digital camera either an enty level SLR or a high end compact. and was wondering if amyone had any recommendations through personal experience.

    I was into photography in a big way back in the 35mm era, but am not up to speed in the digital era, i have spent the weekend reading reviews and fondling cameras in my local Jessops and am still unsure of what to get

    I have sort of narrowed it down to a Nikon D40x for a DSLR and a FUJI FinePix S9600 as a compact. I am a bit nervous of going down the SLR route mainly because of the cost, camera, an extra lens to cover all focal lengths, a bag, etc etc it soon starts to add up.

    Anyway i'm waffling, any help would be appreciated, also a pointer in the right direction of where to buy

    Thanks a lot


    I tried to answer a similar question here:…=10

    It's a difficult choice and there's many variables to weigh up, if you were into photography in a big way before and think you are going to spend a reasonable amount of time with it again then I have to say I think the SLR may be a better choice. The larger sensor gives you a lot more control over your pictures although you're right to be concerned about cost, I think you'd need to budget a bit more for some more lens reach - the Nikkor 18-200mm VR seems a nice all in one lens but that doubles the cost of your kit.

    What are you planning on doing with the camera mainly? I realise that's a very open question but is it mainly for taking pictures as you go along or are you more wanting a camera to get you back into photography?


    I have a Fuji S7000 I use for "proper" photos and I love it. Started off with a Fuji 2800 which I still use indoors and for selling.

    Some of the results of the S7000 and other members cameras can be seen on this thread…e=3

    I also have a friend who has the Canon D40 and they were amazed by what the Fuji S7000 could achieve considering the price and ease of use.
    I would have the Fuji S9600 like a shot (pun intended) and at around the £200 mark now (Amazon) it's a great buy. (Mine cost £350 back along )

    I have to say though that I am a complete novice and really only use Auto point and shoot so your requirements as someone who was into photography before may be different.


    I am by no means a pro - but I would not look past the Fuji for quality and ease of use. If it is point & shoot you are after this will be fine.

    The SLR's are great but as you say it just keeps adding up with all the lenses etc. Definately have the versatility over the compacts for zoom etc. I just use compact for holidays and pics of the kids now - so optics and res are my main 'must haves' now..

    I have a pentax *ist DL and my sister has the next model up and before you start slating Pentax, i have taken some superb (if I do say so myself ;-) ) pics, mainly of my boys and mutts but a lot of scenic shots of New York, and my sister has won a lot of comps in photographic mags:)
    it is a heavy, cumbersome camera but the results i get far outweighs that.:-D
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