Digital Camera advice please

    I have £130.00 max to spend (at amazon) on a digital camera but I don't know too much about them , so
    Please can I get some advice on which would be best, I currently have a 5mp HP Photosmart E317 but need to upgrade.
    Thank you in advance.


    What you have should do you fine for now. What i'd do is save up for a bit longer and eventually get a DLSR as it will be a better investment in the long run and the photos are great.

    You can get a Nikon D40 for a little over £200 with vouchers at the mo and they are fantastic entry level DSLR Worth the extra wait.

    Both the above posts are good options mac but it kind of depends what you want to use the camera for mostly.
    I use a Fuji like the one above mainly because I couldn't afford a DSLR when I bought the Fuji. Now my Fuji costs more than the DSLR do now !!

    The problem with the DSLR's is that you may well need to buy extra lenses to satisfy some needs, close up or long range.

    Cameras like the Fuji above can kind of do both but probably not as good a quality. For close up shots though cameras with macro or super macro function are very very good.

    If you want a good idea of quality and adaptabilty have a look through the "show us your photo's " thread on misc.
    I'll get you the link. It's a long thread so you might want to go to the end and work back as there are more camera types used there. They are all friendly in there so if you have a question just shout !…205
    Anything else you want to know about the Fuji just shout.…on1

    You haven't really stated what you'll be using it for. If you want portability, style and features then the Sony T70 is in your price range at comet. Beware it is a touch screen system which you may not be a fan of?…cfm
    Reviewed and compared there

    Original Poster

    I would be using it for family shots (5 kids and they grow so fast), general photos when out and about, plus I sell quite a bit on Ebay and need to be able to get good pics of some of the models and other items I sell to show condition.

    Well I'd recommend one of the top end Fuji's but I'm a bit biased.

    This one is a superb price and a very good example:…-26

    or the following at half the price will give you very good results also…-28

    I'll try and find you some reviews:)

    Reviews for the 5700…os/

    Reviews for the 9600…os/

    These are SLR cameras Mac which are obviously bigger than the compact ones. If you want the smaller compact type camera is a different ball game.


    does this one look any … does this one look any good?

    Yeah, I kind of recommended that one to Bazzaric but I'm not totally sure one how he has got on with it.
    He seems to have been busy recently.

    Why don't you drop him a PM Mac and ask him, sure he wouldn't mind.

    BTW Fuji Shop has some of those refurb at the moment for just over a £100. Never heard anything but good reports on Fuji refurb stuff, most say it comes thorugh as new and you get a warranty and can up grade that warrnaty.

    I'll find a link.

    Sorry MAc it's £111 + del. Here's the link…757

    Original Poster

    Thank you all for your help after speaking to Bazzaric I ordered the Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd and managed to get it cheaper than it was the day I posted the link, so even better.

    Good for you Mac, now let's see some of your artistic work on the show us your photo thread !

    Have fun snapping !
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