Digital camera and 16gb Ipod touch

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Found 25th Sep 2008
Ok needing this stuff before i go on holiday next tuesday

Need the camera to be at least 4 optical and above 8-10megapixel..
anyone got any good recomendations, i like casio and pentax

Needing it to be a shop so i can just walk in and buy as i dont have time now for deliverys..i dont think lol

thanks for any help folks


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or 8gb apple touch would do i suppose lol
its just for listening to tunes when im sunbathing, i like the look of them, i might put a couple of films on it

Not sure how quick delivery would be, but this seems quite a good camera for the price, 5x optical zoom and 10mp for £50?


Also, Comet have clearance deals on the old Itouch, there isn't many available but you can pick up the 16gb one for £125 if you get lucky!!

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where are you seeing the 16gb one for 150? instore on online mate

It was in store, unfortunately most have gone or they have only display models left. I thought i got lucky in derby as they had 3 left, but they were all ex display and didn't have anything with them. Its worth calling customer services and seeing if they have any left near you.

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ok thanks anyway bud
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