digital camera for around £10?

    i'm looking to buy a digital camera but a low price such as £10 or under as it's only to show a few pictures to family wen travelling abroad instead of taking a photo album and may end up leaving it there so don't want to take my £100+ camera with me.


    Why not buy a memory stick and put the pictures on there, then use a laptop or PC when you are there to show the pictures.

    Far better of course would be to upload the pictures to Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr etc and then you dont need to carry anything when going abroad and you can show them the pictures on the web when you are there.It is free to register and upload pictures with any of these web sites

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    it's to show some older ppl in the family who dont have a laptop at their house and who wouldnt know how to use one. it's simply to take a camera preloaded with pictures then perhaps leave it there. i cant take a laptop with me.

    Do they have a dvd player? If so then chances are it'll show jpeg files that are burned onto cd/dvd. This way they'll be able to see them on a nice big screen.

    If you really want a camera then look on ebay for whichever has the biggest screen, or look for a cheap digital photo frame.
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