Digital Camera for Christmas present for 7yr old £50 max.

    Can anyone suggest the best spec camera for no more than that prices range but a reasonably good make.
    My daughter really enjoys taking photos so i want a good picture.
    Or a good deal on a camera and printer package


    There have been a few deals on here for exactly that sort of thing in the last week or so., Generally speaking Samsung do a good entry range camera, but to be fair - at that price you can find pretty much any make.

    Have a look at the deal @ Comet - they have a few reduced by up to 50% which would be ample for a litte un.. Not to mention the other deals and so on that others may know about.
    Jessops may be too advanced, and Argos gives you a good idea at what you should/could be looking for/at....

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    Thanks, i looked on the deals posted here but they tended to be around the £80 mark unless they were voted cold. I will keep looking and will start at comet

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    Does anyone know if the refubs are any good?
    I have seen in the past a few of the camera and printer packages, do you know if there are any good deals like those around

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    [Thanks i quite like the look of the last one.
    Ideally i really want the olympus sw ones but i cant see me getting one for that price

    Generally speaking I would stick to a camera on its own if I were you.....
    Unless you are lucky enough to get a GENUINE offer nearer to xmas. The packaged bundles don't really give you the quality...
    Most of the little uns take their card out of the camera and pop don to the shops and print out the funny ones for a few pennies each weekend with their pocket money, then upload them onto the PC and share them with their mates...
    Most have got a 3 x optical zoom for about that price...
    Be realistic though... Either go for a brand name you trust, or perhaps go for a decent shop where you know you can return it if there are any problems. Refurbs vary from camera to camera - it depends on how they have been treated in the first place, but again you should be buying these with a warrantee that is worth more than the paper it is written on anyway......


    There are lots to choose from on the market, 1st stop ]here

    I like the look of the Kodak C813 which is £49.96 at ]Argos, pick up in store but only 3p diff to Comet price

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    Well i think then i will take my time for a month and see what comes up. Im sure someone posted a deal on here ages ago for an olympus sw in a mustard colour which was a really good price and if it was i may stretch the budget slightly.
    If anyone sees any great deals over the next month would you mind coming back to post them on here for me

    Theres a few refurbs on the Kodak site. We bought two from here last year for our kids and paid £40 each for them .............they were in excellent condition (not a scratch) and are still working really well.…_GB

    I wouldn't bother with the printer. Not usually worthwhile.

    Great refurbs available, try the Fuji A800, 8 megapixel and under £50…iew

    I like the look of the Kodak C813 which is £49.96 at ]Argos, pick up in store but only 3p diff to Comet price[/QUOTE]

    i bought this last week for my son.
    very impressive great spec camera for this price.

    saw a few digital camerasin ASDA today ranging from £49 - 75 cant remember exact models but were Fuji, Kodak etc

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    Oh i keep seeing cameras posted on here all for around £50 but now i am s[poilt for choice, which do i go for?????? the canon A470???


    I am also selling a couple, one cheaper than £50, but it's brand new, nice looking, decent spec and good features.…593
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