Digital Camera for kids - advice please!

    Hi, I let my 4 year old daughter have a go on my digital camera and she loves it! Can anyone recommend a cheap camera for kids that is not easy to break if dropped! I have seen the 'tough camera from Fisher Price' but don't know if it is any good? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks, Kate


    Ebay have a great selection, just type in kids digital camera and loads comes up. hope this helps!

    My son has the kid tough one- it's not exactly a great camera- when you take the picture, you cant really see much but when the flash comes on, a blurry picture comes into view. For us, it's fine for a four year old, he's happy taking pics and we can download them - we're not using the camera as a substitute for our sony one.
    It's pretty unbreakable. For the money, I think it serves its purpose

    My friend's children have the tough one - as sneezy says it is really tough, but the pictures are pretty much rubbish!

    my son has vtech kiddizoom he loves it dont think any of pics are fantastic on kids ones but there not too bad come out alright on computer and he is thrilled with it takes videos too i would recommend it.
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