digital camera for my mum

    i know loads of deals on here receecnly for camera, however i am looking for a good one, not to expensice for my mums birthday, shes never had on before, and it would neeed to be simpl to use, so i can show her. shes silly, not looking for the greeatest of cameras i was thinking about a 50-70 budget, please help!!


    I would highily recommend the kodak easyshare range.I got one for my father-in-law who has never had one before and is 63 , he loved it as it was so easy to use.Its now his favourite thing ! At the moment the kodak shop has refurnished ones for sale- not sure if this would do for your usage as they dont always come with a box- but there are some good savings. I would recommend the ]C633 or even the c533 .
    There are probably savings elsewhere but im unsure of them all at the moment but I would definately recommend the easyshare range as you just click, there is a large screen for you to see what photo you are taking and the photos are easy to upload.

    A digital camera for your Mum? Sounds like a fair swap :-D - is she a good cook? Could do with being looked after for a change - the way only Mums can - cup of tea in the morning, tea ready when you get home, shirt ironed when you get out of the bath, you know how it is!! Look after 'em people - they're very special people are Mums. :thumbsup:


    Check out this old thread....I would highly recommend the Kodaks for ease of use…id=

    However check out this thread, a long drawn out discussion between Mikeyw and myself about the virtues of Kodak v Fuji F20.…074

    The fuji F20 you can get from Argos,Asda or Tesco for about £70

    Don't waste your time reading any someone arguing Acrington are better than Arsenal.

    F20 at £65ish in store at Tesco will be the best bargain you buy all year :-)
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