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Found 28th Nov 2010
Hi all,

I seem to have lost my digital camera, so im in need of a replacement.

Not sure really what im supposed to be looking for though!

My last camera was a 10mega pixel so dont really want anything below that.
All i use the camera for is to take pics of my kids and stuff like that, nothing fancy!

I would prefer if possible a nice pretty pink one, and have a max budget of £100, although i would prefer to be paying nearer the £50 mark.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction?!

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Although no expert I was once told that people always think the more megapixels the better.

Maybe true, but if you are only going to print off pictures at the traditional size (say 6" x 4") this standard of quality is not needed and in fact would not really be noticed. of course if photography is your living and you need enlargements, them megapixels are 'king'

Maybe consider a lower resolution camera with extra features.
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