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Found 24th Dec 2009
Morning all,

I need a little help with one last present I have to purchase today (don't you just hate people who leave shopping to the last minute, my dad lol)

Anyhows I am looking to purchase a digital camera, not too sure what the best ones are but basically I have a budget of £150 to spend.

Thinking of a samsung or canon but if other makes are good suggest away.

Only requirements are that it has a Li-ion battery and can be got instore today.

Thanks in advance
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If it was me, I'd buy a Sony. Get the one with the highest number of megapixels you can with the budget you have.
Samsung 10.2 megapixel is £79.99 at currys and PC world.

However you can get a fujifilm 12 megapixel for £89
the guy in jessops said to avoid sony as they werent as good as the 2 i mentioned.

oh fujifilm one looks interesting is that curry's also?
If you follow this link (hopefully it works) it will take you to a number of reviews of compact digital cameras - trustedreviews.com/fil…r=4
If you have an Asda near you with a photo department have a look in there as the have some really good prices on cameras, decent ones too not just cheap rubbish.
>Get the one with the highest number of megapixels you can

Not always the best suggestion.

A high megapixel camera with a poor lens will be worse than a 6mp camera with a good lens.

Also, some companies try to cram too many pixels on their CCDs actualy making the picture worse.
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