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Found 8th Feb
Hi Guys - wanting a little help please and a recommendation for purchasing a new camera.

A few years ago i bought (which i still have) a Panasonic Bridge Camera - Model DMC - FZ38.

It can take great pictures, but the truth its a very bulky thing and as a result because of its size its not something we really carry about with us on nights out or take around the pool on holiday - so therefore it doesn't really get used.

I'm wanting to replace it with something similar in spec (doesn't have to be anything special, but would like something easy to use, point and shoot style, with good Zoom), - but most importantly that can fit into your pocket and can at least be carried around easily.

Also i must admit i like to edit my images with touches of colour/filter using instagram - so would like to be able to send the pics Wifi to my iphone to be able to edit them on my phone where i can then upload them to Facebook.

Any suggestions please for a decent compact camera like this - budget is probably around £150 - £200
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Have been on the same journey. We use Panasonic TZ60 or TZ70 which currently shows as a little above £200.
As a basic user im not really into the understanding of camera specs etc but ive seen my current Panasonic FZ38 is 10.1 Mega Pixels and has and 18 x Optical Zoom.

I have managed to find this Sony Cyber shot with Pc World - its 18.2 Mega Pixels and does x20 Optical Zoom - so i presume this is a similar spec.

Price is £159 so could be a good deal for me - can anyone recommend better than this for the price?…tml
Not saying they're as good but nowadays most people just use their mobile phones to take snaps.
pooool14 m ago

Not saying they're as good but nowadays most people just use their mobile …Not saying they're as good but nowadays most people just use their mobile phones to take snaps.

Yea I tend to do a lot on mine too, just wanted something that could produce better/sharper/clearer images than my iPhone - but needs to be easy to carry around in the pocket, unlike the bulky bridge camera I currently have
Don't get seduced by the 'more MP the better the picture' fallacy. MP for enlargements, a good lens for photo quality. If a lens takes a distorted picture, then all the greater MP does is allow you to enlarge those flaws.
Get a photography magazine and look for a local secondhand camera - you can then see photos taken with the camera before you buy. You don't have to buy second hand but you can see what results you will get before spending £200.
For Wifi, you may need to look at how Wifi SD works - this may be a combined card of so many GB + Wifi, or another option being a SD format Wifi adapter that takes a MicroSD card.

I don't know of many Wifi equipped cameras, especiually in the compact category
We use this when we can't use Nikon D810.…350

Brilliant little camera. NFC WiFi very nice results in most situations. £159.

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