Digital Camera wanted

    I'm looking for a digital camera, and will spend an absolute max of £150.

    I want something fairly small/slimline, preferably with rechargable battery (not having to replace them all the time)

    Would like good quality pictures, but not expecting professional quality etc!

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    I went down the same road a few months back and bought small/slimline over actual lens quality. Biggest mistake I made. The prism/transverse lenses slimline cameras use are crap basically, especially coupled with Anti-Shake Reduction which is entirely software and is utterly useless. Slimline cameras produce awful amounts of lens flare due to their weak flash being so close to the lens. Also their ISO ratings and noise production are terrible. That's why I went back to Canon, proper camera, excellent lens and photo quality, no lens flare, can use rechargeable 10 mins AAs and all in all it's how a camera should be.
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