digital camera Which one to buy?


That purely depends on your needs, your level of knowledge on photography, the purpose you want to use it in, your photographic style....

You can get a simple point and shoot for less than £100 ( which is a bit better than most smartphone camera's) or you can spend £1000's on a pro equipment if you are serious about it and you wan to make photography a living.

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I dont know so much about cameras i just one f

please let us know a bit more about what and how you would like to use it for, how much do you know about photography, and what camera are you upgrading from? So we can better help you choose something you are actually satisfied with...

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For taking pictures on holiday


For taking pictures on holiday

​Why don't you Google, best small cameras, find a few and post on here so people can give you advice on what you like the look of and what you have found? As no one really know what you want, compact / bridge/ slr etc, Google , it will tell you everything you need to know

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Thank you so much but my budget is 100

I would say just get a better phone? iPhones and good android phones take great pictures for most purposes. Spend that money on a phone upgrade instead perhaps?
Alternatively if you have a few hundred (I know you didn't say that but just to add) then a basic SLR is a good choice, something like Nikon D3300. Fast shutter, great detail, super close ups, they're a world apart from cameras on phones (which are already pretty good).

I blacklisted Panasonic Lumix after the whole TZ3 CCD failure. Everyone I know with this camera has binned it due CCD moisture issues. Panasonic washed their hands of the whole affair whilst Sony had a similar issue but honoured the replacement of the CCDs.
I a nut shell **** Panasonic for their **** warranty and service.

Maybe better off getting a new phone as newer mobiles will take better photo's then a £100 camera
If you can up budget to £150-£250 for a camera then you will have a noticable difference in image quality.

One piece of advice that helped me choose when researching is to ignore all the hype about more megapixels and get a compact camera with a larger sensor size - bigger sensor is better.
i.e You can buy a good 12mp camera for £200 and image quality will by far out-class a 22mp £100 camera
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