Digital Camera with NFC and Wi-Fi sub £160

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I am looking for a digital camera for my wife's birthday (£160 max). She just wants something simple and has only asked for one thing, it has to have NFC and Wifi so she can share her images straight away.

    With my very limited knowledge I think I have narrowed it down to the 3 below (I am leaning to the Sony). However I thought I would ask the very knowledgeable folks at HUKD what you think. Open to any suggestions however it must be sub £160 and have Wi-Fi and NFC.

    Nikon s7000
    Canon SX610
    Sony DSC-WX350

    Thanks in advance


    does she not have a good camera phone? I find most phone will beat a £200 everyday, and less hassle…996?hash=item282640642c:g:3LYAAOSwImRYZ~hN

    £40 above budget but im aware people always rave about these but still youtube s7 vs this camera and not much difference

    Original Poster

    Thanks whelan189, yes she does have a good phone but we have had trouble finding one with 20x zoom.

    Thanks for the post but it is above budget and looks like it is in a poor state. Not sure the wife would be too happy with that
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