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    Only second post but I do intend to be active on the forum (thanks for all your hints and tips).

    Anyway, my digital camera has had its internal usb port dislodged so i basically need to get myself a new one. I'm looking for something 5mp + for a decent price.

    I don't want to spend too much as my missus bought me tickets for my 30th to see the Northern Lights in Jan, so its gonna be an expensive trip and also one I'd like a decent camera for.

    Any suggestions please. Obviously if i can get a 7mp for £50 or another high resolution camera for a cracking price that'd be ace.

    Thanks in advance


    Had a bit of a look see for ya.

    Argos have a panasonic dmc ls2 for £74.99,maybe a bit over your budget but it looks a nice one for is 5mp and it also has image stabalisation which could come in handy for you being in the cold climate for the northern lights(lucky sod!).
    I have also looked at an independent review and it is not at all shabby.

    there is also another well reviewd one,a canon a430 which you can pick up from amazon i think for about £78,however that is only 4mp.

    hope this helps:)

    Image Stabiliser is very important, esp. if you will be taking shots with limited light (ie. at a concert - dark, but with bright lights coming from the image target, far away).

    well done on posting the reviews currychops:thumbsup:

    can't do 'em meself,that's the website i use for camera reviews,nicely explained in laymans terms,a very good site.

    If you are taking shots at night / concert, then the best camera is the Fuji F30 (£165) or Fuji F20 (£135). No other camera on the planet comes close. Unless you want to spend over £500, that is...

    P.S. I don't work for Fuji. Or DO I!?!?!?

    Well worth having a look here:…php

    Read the terms and conditions though please because I haven't had time.

    No reason to think it wouldn't be a good deal though.

    Hope that helps with your budget.

    remember jessops still do internet price matching with 110% differance!
    So if u see it on a UK website (company not auction site) goto jessops and they have to honour it and igve 110% differance and u get the jessops guarentee!
    Worked for me lol
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