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    Hi All,

    Would appreciate your advice on the following items: looking for a compact camera for my father - he has chosen these two, any opinions?Can't decide between the two / much difference. Not really clued up on cameras myself.…tml…/p3

    thanks for your time.


    links seem to go to the same review. Also may want to ask in…034

    Well both your links appear to be the same, and from 2005 so that would be useless. Personally I like Canon, I don't like the unnatural colours like greens that come from Sony. However their colour can brighten up a grey UK day and give a picture more impact. You would also have to decide if you want an optical viewfinder or not, and if you want to save your pictures on SD cards or more exepensive memory sticks. Quality will be similar from most cameras of comparable price.

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    Thanks for your comments guys

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    Thanks so much for this post.


    Whatever you do , don't buy from Crazycameras. … Whatever you do , don't buy from Crazycameras.

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