Digital car Tyre air inflator

Found 26th Jun
I'm after a digital car Tyre inflate. any recommendations and prices? I've been looking at the ring 630 and wolf 3 in one. cheers
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Personally got the Ring one and ticks all the boxes. Not heard on the wolf one so can't comment on it. Ring (RAC365) one cost me £33 and the 630 is about £28. Either one is brilliant so depends on what you want to spend.
Any reason why it has to be digital? I've just got one of the analogue dial ones off Amazon for £8 or £10 - it does the job.
Ok, but is it worth paying another £20 for that option?
Bigfootpete2 h, 20 m ago

Ok, but is it worth paying another £20 for that option?

Its an extra £12 or £13, and yes it is worth the extra imo
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I bought a digital Halfords own brand, does everything I want
I got an aldi digital one, £18 and then they made it £12 a few weeks later, works well.
I've got a Ring, not sure if it was 630 or 635 - digital is quite accurate, as good as I am with those awkward pen gauges - having confirmed it, I don't bother to cross check it. Once you've used digital auto, you won't want to go back to the poorly scaled analog gauge that makes cross checking essential.

Something else I like and dislike about it, having found the lever fastening connectors to be hit or miss, is it uses a screw fitting, but does hiss a bit at halfway between tight and off.
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