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Found 16th Aug 2016
Thinking of pre ordering a few games digitally off the Xbox store. Do they take the money out instantly or is it on release? I'm sure this question has been asked before but I couldn't find it.

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Immediately IIRC

Yes straight away

This depends on your payment method. You an always find guidance on this sort of thing from the help pages of the store in question - in this case, here's the page that you need:…faq

You can purchase games available for pre-order using credit on your Microsoft account, a credit card, or both. You’ll be charged at different times depending on how you pay:

- Microsoft account credit. If you pay for your pre-order completely with credit from your Microsoft account, the credit will be subtracted right away.
- Credit card. Pre-orders made using just a credit card won’t be charged until right before the game is released.
- A combination of account credit and a credit card. If you don’t have enough credit to cover the whole cost of the pre-order, you can combine payments. Your account credit and credit card won’t be charged until right before the game is released.

Once a pre-order is placed, you’ll receive an email notification that includes the details of your order and the date when your credit card will be billed.

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Thanks for answers. Wanted to make sure before I pre order 2/3
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