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I am full of questions tonight, and who else to ask than the bunch that know everything between them!!

I want to digitally download legal legit games for my pc, as i just been given a gaming one with a nice 20inch monitor, so wanting to download some games, i know EA Store do it, but was wondering if there is anywhere else??



steam have some of the best go with them. Direct download do too

Another recommendation for Steam.

I was v.wary of them when they first started (despite being Valve) and the whole idea of digital downloads, but have had to eat my words as Steam is great.

Steam definatly is great, you have a central account which you use to buy/downlaod and manage all of your games with, so if you were to format it is really easy to redownload all of your games again as you dont have to go all over the place or risk loosing the downloads. They also have cheap prices and accept paypal.



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Brill will try steam then, does it accept any cards or only certain cards as prices are in $

if u use paypal the pirce gets converted into pounds
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