Digital editing of old photo

    I have just been given a digital copy of a really old and badly damaged photo. Is there anybody who could be able to get rid of some of the tears and bad marks.
    Are there online groups that would help?


    Some on here are also helpful

    Upload to a photo storage site like Imgur and link to here

    Then at least members can try to help

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    I have looked at the MSE page but it seems to be for computer issues rather than photo editing. Thanks though.

    I have taken your suggestion and would like to think that maybe somebody could do something with it.
    All I care about really is the line that goes through the older chap at the bottom.

    are the pieces all stuck down or it it just lying on the backing? cos there is a big misalignment on the vertical split
    most of that can be fixed (imperfectly but passably) fairly easily in lightroom/photoshop but the parts through faces is going to be a copy paste job rather than a rescue
    good luck anyway
    Edited by: "brilly" 10th Sep 2016

    I'm no expert but with the aid of Gimp I've fixed a few old photos.

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