Digital Movies iTunes or Amazon or Google Play Store?

I was thinking of buying movies on Blu-ray and starting a collection. However I decided to opt for digital as all my PS4 games are digital.

The problem is which service is better as in reliability, price, service and support?
iTunes or Amazon or Google Play Store


Can't really comment on the digital side of things. But all my games are digital on ps4, but I prefer to have my films on hard copy. Can take them places and if no Internet. It's not a problem can still watch stuff.

Have you thought of streaming? Now Netflix and Amazon will let you download and watch off line and if they don't have latest you can buy Amazon or google or Apple- I prefer Apple as I invested in Apple TV but Google is occasionally better value and I've noticed Apple dropping prices without advertising to match google- recently they dropped scrubs tv show to match a google offer- also google regularly send me links to 99p rental or half price tv show or album and the chrome cast is decent for watching on tv- but most TVs nowadays have YouTube so if you sign in you can watch your purchases that way- sorry for waffling-
Short answer is I think hedge your bets- esp if one company should stop offering digital
Interesting that at shareholder meeting it was said Apple would eventually stop offering to stream purchased content- also I purchased Samsung movies 3 years ago from their online store and after a year it closed down loosing me dozens of purchased(at reduced price) films!
So maybe DVD/blu ray could be safest long term-sorry for no conclusion-
Interested in other opinions!!

Why not use both? I've seen more deals and offers on Google's platform.
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