Digital musical Keyboard for a newbie

Posted 11th Apr
Hello, been playing acoustic guitar for 20+ years and actually at a reasonably decent level now.

Looking to purchase a digital keyboard and get into that. I have never played a keyboard in my life (not even at school). Where do I start? 88 keys seems expensive, 61 keys more affordable. I don't need any fancy beats or sounds, I like acoustic style so only interested in a piano sound.

Any suggestions for something to start off, which would be good to learn with?
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See my post from a few days ago…046

I have been practising everyday with the 2 courses above, i think it's like anything else, you get back what you put in (probably looking at minimum 30 mins daily, as i am still playing guitar). You will be able to understand a fair bit of the theory because of your guitar background in my opinion (that's the way i feel, though i am not great at theory). I think depending on what you want to achieve, that sight reading is definitely worth the effort, from what i have read it takes a minimum of 2 years before seeing the first result, unless you are already reading music. I have got a 61 keys Casio keyboard that i have inherited, but if i get well into it, which seems that way, i will definitely go for a digital 88 keys, unless i move somewhere which allows me to have a proper piano, but i have seen some Yamaha for example for just above £400, which will be plenty for me. As much as i love my guitars, i find playing the piano pretty good. Good luck and please let me know if you find some other good courses, and by the way i have also bought this book.{…c=1}, apparently the guy has got some youtube videos to go with the book
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