digital optical lead for ps3 xbox 360 - help

    does anyone know if there is such a thing available that you can plug one optical lead into 2 consoles

    The thing is i've got a ps3 and xbox360 but only one optical input on my surround sound system, so every time i want to switch between the 2 i have to unplug the lead and plug it into the other console

    Not a big effort i know, but if there was such a thing out there, i'd like to get one


    Yea, you can get them (I bought one off ebay - it was called an optical switch, funnily enough!)... only thing was, it would work fine with my PS3 and Amplifier, but no matter what, the Xbox wouldn't work through it...

    I even sent it back to the company I bought it from on ebay, and paid more for the better one, and THAT didn't work with the 360 either!


    midlandscomics;2604901 :thumbsup:

    That's the more expensive one I tried, that wouldn't work with the 360 (paid about £8 all in off ebay for it, and sold it on here for £1.50 in my clearout thread, hehe)

    got mine for £3.50 off ebay

    Original Poster

    cheers for the help :thumbsup:

    I once merged 4 inputs into one using the cheap 2way splitters off ebay.
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