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    its me father-in laws 70th on Sunday. He hates computers, electronics, mobile phones, basically anything technology related! :-o However, he liked the idea of a digi frame, so hubby and i have decided to buy him one, we cant order anyfing online because of the limited time. I've got 2moro to find one, can someone plz find me a good size one, with all the trimmings and hopefully at a good price. Can i find one for less then £50- a good one?

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    PC World online. (yeah, I know. PC world is a last resort but you're short of time)

    A lot of lines have lower online prices but you can place order online at the low price for pick up in your local store.

    Item 966907 is 39.99 instore, but 29.99 online.

    I was in my local Tesco the other day (a large one) and they had one one offer.

    Not a great make (Technika?) but the resolution of the screen was high (800x480 I think).

    Dont get one with a lower resolution than that as the pictures look very dull and grainy.

    My local Boots also sell them so may be worth looking there.

    Argos has a couple of 7" for under £50. Probably too late now though :oops:

    Aldi Have them on offer starting tomorrow. £39.99 can play music through it too. Problem is it doesn't state the spec of the screen res on the website.

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