Digital Photo storage


    I just wanted to ask where you store your many holiday pics?
    On Facebook, or are there better free options?
    My laptop is quite full with pictures. I burn some on DVDs but an online option would be great.



    Dont store them on Facebook. I believe Facebook compresses the files so you are not saving them at their best quality.

    OK to put them on Facebook for family / friends to see, but DONT use it as you main storage place.

    I save my pictures on CD / DVD (two copies) AND on an external hard drive.

    Best to backup all important files at least 2 or 3 times in different places.
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    Banned (2GB free but up to 8GB if you recommend)

    auto syncs with your pc too so dont have to remember to upload new pics as it will do it for you.

    'good' pictures on my Flickr, the rest on my internal drive backed up twice on external drives. I put them on dvds when I can be bothered
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