Digital satellite - what's happened to Alsat forum?

Posted 19th Nov 2013
If there are any satellite enthusiasts on this forum can you tell me what - if anything - has happened to the Alsatforum as I cannot connect? If defunct (hard to believe) is there a good alternative? No inf on Google.
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Looks like it has gone down they did have server problems for a long while ? try
Thanks for reply - I have since found on another forum that it is believed that it was hacked about 2 weeks ago - hopefully it will be back as imho it has always been the best. Sat-universe is also quite good but not so strong on Spiderbox. has the same mods and members.

Another good one is

Alsat has been up and down over the last couple of months so may just be a temporary situation.

I cant log into my spiderbox forum anymore and when I try to contact admin it says

"The string you entered for the image verification did not match what was displayed" but there is no where to put image verification

very frustrating
Spiderboxes are finished as a product and the support has gone the same way.
Once Alsat got raided then the writing was on the wall for these products.
As for the forum being hacked thats a laugh.
Darkman must have hacked himself then?
The forum is down because the business has disappeared and so has any support with it
if thats the case its a shame cos the spiderbox 9000hd is a cracking box
The board is back in part today.
There is a lot of maintenance going on so it may take a number of days to be fully operational.

Alsat has been ripping people off for years. Every person that put a negative comment got banned
I don't think they appreciated criticism but my spiderbox still works fine and I recently bought a VU solo2 from them and got my VU Duo repaired (main board) and the did me a decent deal on both.
I just checked their new site, they have moved to colindeep lane nw9.
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