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    Hi, I've just bought a new tv and its not got digital and I've been advised that the best thing for me to do is to add a digital scart adaptor, I've found one at Argos and it's £10 cheaper at Tescos - is this the best around? Any advice would be appreciated!…spx

    Any Tesco codes that would work with this would help as well?!!

    Thanks in advance!!


    That is one way to do it.

    Alternatively you can just buy any run of the mill freeview box and run that with a normal scart. That's unless you were after something hidden like the example you attached. You can often find the normal freeview box on offer around the £10 mark

    Even better if you are willing to spend up to about £70 you can buy a PVR which is a freeview box with a hard drive. This will allow you to pause live TV and record onto it etc...

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    Hi id3als,
    It really needs to be hidden as the tv is hung on our wall in our bedroom and there is no where to actually put a box! Thanks for the advice though, rep added!

    Ah ok

    ]Amazon have a Grundig one for £37.63 - 2-3 Weeks delivery (but not always accurate)

    Or Littlewoods have ]this one for £50.

    If you are a new customer you can use the £15 off >£25 first order code or may some of the others. Making it £35…ewo

    This Freecom one gets good reviews. It's hinged, allowing it to fold flat against the back of your tv, making the TV still wall hangable. I've linked to Ebuyer because it has user reviews. You may find it cheaper elsewhere:

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    Wonderful, I'll look into them both, thanks very much for the help!
    Kind regards

    Ebuyer have one on special today ]£24.99
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