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Found 14th Nov 2008
Heya iv been recommended a couple of differetn cameras and i havent really set ona budget yet but id like your advice on any good deals going at the min ???

What cameras come with live view and is it worth paying the extra ? Are there any deals on these at the min ?

Im looking at a canon 40d anyone know any any deals ont hese or if theyd recommend ?
Just generally what should i be after im a bit lost !!!


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Before you go and spend a big wad on a camera, you need to do some research and it sounds like you are not sure what you want and therefore not really ready to buy. Don't rush in. This camera might be the one you keep for 2 years, so you need to make the right decision. Can you borrow one, or at least see a demo from a friend? I lent mine to a friend recently and she found it very useful and now knows exactly what she wants in a camera.
If not, go to a reputable camera dealer (not Curry's or Comet) that specialises in cameras, and spend a good long time going through what is available. Don't be afraid to walk out without a camera and go and buy online. The dealer will hopefully see it as an investment for future purchases. If you find they are not helpful, walk out and go somewhere else.
I would advise you to forget deals for a while. Decide on the camera or a selection of cameras you would like first, then look at deals.
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