Digital SLR - £300-500??

    OK, so i am looking for a decent beginners SLR somewhere between £300 and £500. My sister has a bunch of Canon 350D lenses, so is it worth getting one of those or are other Canons compatible with the lenses? Such as the 400D? Or should I write off Canon all together? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :thumbsup:


    Almost all Canon EF and EF-S lenses will work with the Canon 350D and 400D cameras, but the EF-S lenses will not work with some of the other, more expensive Canon digital cameras. I would say go for the 400D, I have the earlier 350D and am more than happy with it, though I would suggest keeping to the EF lenses and avoiding the EF-S lenses if you can afford to.

    i've got the Canon 400d which is an ace camera - enough flexibility to get creative, but also easy enough to learn the ropes. There still the £50 cash back on it until the end of the month too.

    Another good deal is the Nikon D40x (which compares very favourably with the Canon) and has £60 cash back on it at the mo.

    Or the cheaper option is the Olympus E400 @ around £350 (from Currys but may be other places as well) which is a great beginners camera, but may limit you in the future.

    There are loads of threads on all of these camera's, so use the search facilty, but also see these 2 sites for great prices and info:

    (imho, and with your sisters lenses, I'd go for the canon)

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    Thanks guys, any one else got any tips?

    What are the lenses your sister has? If they are quite good lenses stick with canon because some would argue that lenses are more important that camera itself. at £300 to £500 400D fits perfectly with that budget.

    However if they are not so good lenses you have another option which is a Nikon D40, its the cheapest DSLR out there i think. You can spend the remainder of you money buying a good lens after that.

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    Any other help?

    I got the Nikon D40x and it is great. You should be able to get that for around £350 after cash back from Nikon...
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