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Found 12th May 2009

I am keen to buy an entry level DLSR to enable me to make the step up from compact digital. My budget is £300 - £400 and I was considering the Sony A350, however, I would welcome advice from anyone to other options and perhaps were the best price may be gained.

Thanks in advance
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Loads of info here:
on buying a dslr.

Generally, get a shortlist and get into a camera shop and play with them. Feel is almost as important as features and picture quality often doenst vary a huge amount between cameras. You could also consider Canon 450d (as the 500d is out now, you might be able to get a bargain), Nikon D60, Pentax Km or K200.

[url]www.camerapricebuster.co.uk[/url] is good for comparing prices but be aware that people pay for the privelage of being on there, so may not have all the bargains (that's what this site is for) and price up the whole package. You will need a case, memory card, extra lenses etc. so an extra few £ here might not be too bad if the whole package is cheaper and saves you having to wait a week for your extra cheap CF card to come from Hong Kong.
your not interested in a 2nd hand one are you? I have a Panasonic Lumix which is in excellent condition which I'm considering selling...
I recently bought my girlfriend one and was looking around that price range and after hours of research went for the Sony A350 and she loves it.

It is frequently voted the best camera in this price range in camera magazines.

Hope this helps
i recommend the canon 1000d i have its big brother the 450d and it is awesome.

the best thing is to go in to jessops and hold the nikon d60 , canon 1000d and sony a200 or a350 and buy what feels right for you, you cannot go wrong with either

camerapricebuster.co.uk is a good site just check argos as well as this is not on this site yet , if you are going abroad check out dixon tax free usually a few good deals there but you have to be going abroad
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