Digital SLR Camera help needed - with video capability

    Hi guys i need your help

    I have a new baby and i am desperate to capture as much as i can for when he is older - having used a Digital Camera recently i was massively impressed with the capabilities and how it helped me to get that perfect shot

    the other aspect i would like it to do would be to be able to film video footage on occassions as required

    if anyone has any advise i would appreciate it - and any deals out there would be cool - i am talking entry level money


    I have a canon 450d but only use it for photos, it is amazing and would highly recommend , i would suggest getting a seperate camcorder as thery are under £150 now and the quality will be better

    Original Poster

    thanks for your feedback

    i really just want the video aspect for the occasional use

    i kinda want the best of both worlds

    i dontthink iwill get the use out of a camcorder - i love to get those decent one of moments you can only find with a photo - i think i have just had enough of my point and shoot digital camera it is very good but very restrictive

    Hi Richard, Do you really mean a DSLR because they're fairly price with digi- video capabilities? Not sure what your price range is.

    The Nikon D90 DSLR starting at £600ish just for the body (replaced the model D80 I have had for nearly 2 years) has digital filming. Also can be a big learning curve from point and shoot pocket cameras to DSLR, not to mention all the extras you might need i.e. powerful flash gun (instead of built-in one).


    Having said that there are other point and shoot camers with fairly good digital video and extra useful settings.

    Here's someone that's asked a similar question as you together with replies on Hope you find the links helpful.


    Incidentally I'm looking for a quick small Point & Shoot camera to slip in my pocket for that unexpected photo moment, rather than always taking my DSLR and kit with me

    Also tend to agree with Hutchir9 suggestion of a seperate camcorder perhaps.

    Charlie Brown
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