Digital SLR Camera Wanted - £1000 budget

    Hi, I am looking for a Digital SLR Camera with a £1000 budget... what would you recommend?



    Personally, I don't think you can go far wrong with a Canon digital EOS...

    I've owned the 350D for about 18 months and think it's a fantastic camera. Obviously it's been superseded now by the 400D but also looks like Canon are bringing out the 450D in March - not seen any reviews but the specs look impressive!…asp

    Think you would be wise to get a decent body, but also a couple of good lenses which will bring you up to your £1000 budget.

    If you already have lenses you could just blow your entire budget on a 40D :-D…asp

    As above, you could quite happily get the Canon 40d with the kit lens (IS 17-85) or if you look around (and have some existing kit, the Canon 5d should be just about on budget if your happy for preowed)

    If Nikon's your thing, the D80 is well within budget (around £600, so leaves loads to add extra lenses etc) or the D200 with the kit lens).

    I also quite like the new Sony A(Alpha)700 which is around £900 with the kit lens.

    2 good websites for you:
    [url][/url] for reviews on all the cameras
    [url][/url] for pretty good idea on prices.

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    thanks for your help, I have an old Canon EOS 500N with 28-80mm ultrasonic lens. Have not used for a couple of years as using a handheld digital camera. I now want a digital camera, the new 450D looks good but then they all do. You seem to get better value when buying a package such as 2 lenses?
    Not sure what to do with my old camera or what it is worth?

    Sorry to say, the camera is probably not worth very much - check ebay and you'll see 500n body only @ £10 BIN. The lens is probably worth keeping, but be aware that you wont get the automatic metering/focusing so it will be all manual if you use this lens.

    Admittedly, I have the 400d (my second canon) and i'm a bit of a fanboy, but I think the 450d looks fab. Its more of an intermediate between the 40d and the 400d rather than a replacement, and really well specced. That said I've not seen too many in depth reveiws as it isnt out yet, but it all looks promising. With your budget, you should be able to kit yourself out very well indeed.

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    thanks social lurker

    Your best bet would be to go into a store and get the 'feel' of a camera.

    Some like the Canons, others may choose Nikons. What you want is one that fells rights to you.
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