Digital SLR - Nikon versus Sony - advice needed please ! !

    Hi guys - My 13yr old nephew is developing a serious interest in photography and wants to progress to DSLR and has asked my advice and what to buy. He has two models in mind - the Nikon D40 kit (£220.19 with the new vat rate) or the Sony A200K kit (@ £259.44) - these prices are both on Amazon.

    My gut instinct wants to tell him to go for the Nikon as its considerably cheaper, the fact it's a Nikon who are specialists in their field, but both cameras have positive reviews.

    Can anyone point me either way ?


    nikon all the way :thumbsup: why not go for the nikon d60? i'v got that one and its fab

    The Sony probably has a better metering system, the Nikon better back up. I personally have the Nikon D40X, and I'm very pleased with it. If he is going to be buying additional lenses and better flashguns in the future, it has to be the Nikon. If possible try them both in a camera store first though. Sometimes the way the handle can make the difference between loving and hating a camera. Spec's aren't everything. Hope that helps:)

    As above.

    Im looking to buy one as well and would go for Nikon. The D60 looks good at £269.99 from Jessops, but think the D40 would be good for beginners!

    Hi, I would 1st say the Sony you have at £259.00 looks like the b ody only. Amazon have at £265.09 with the kit lens.

    As to the question. I would say to get him the Sony. The nikon d40 is a good little unit but is more of a hold your hand DSLR. Also, Sony actually make the 10.2 CPU used in a lot of the recent model Nikon's like the D80.

    The Sony also has on/in Body stabilization meaning any lens attached will also have stabilization too. The camera has more user input INHO the the Nikon D40 will ever have. Meaning when your nephew has learned more in his quest to become a photographer the Sony has more options and more Manuel control than the Nikon (That model) allows.

    I would let him hold, play and use the both camera's in store or in the shop 1st. And last. Look at the cost of lenses (Remembering the Nikon is limited) (Sony can use lots of Minolta lenses) or flash guns grips e.c.t. I think I would go for the Sony once all is taken into consideration, but again its a personal preference.

    Hope that helps.........


    I tried both of these when looking for my current DSLR (I ended up buying a GX-20 if anyone's interested). Of these two, I preferred the Sony as it felt comfier to hold. The IS will be a big help for a beginner too.

    Difficult choice the D40/D60 are crippled in various ways, mainly the lack of AF motor which limits the lenses that will work with them. The Sony on the other hand has a great feature set including in-body IS but the kit lens isn't great and the secondhand market for Sony items is a lot more limited than Canon or Nikon.


    Its hard to not be a fan-boy either way if you already own one. I own a Sony, and would thoroughly recommend it, although by all accounts the Nikon is also a very good camera. Second-hand KM lenses are relatively cheap on ebay and similar for the Sony so you can easily find a telephoto zoom lens to add to the kit lens for under ~£50 (see ] for independant info on Sony/KM lenses); the bodies for the Sony are also significantly bigger than the Nikons so its worth having a good feel of both in a shop to see which you/he prefers ;-)

    PS John - disagree about the second-hand market thing to some extent as any autofocus Minolta branded lens (whichhave been around since ~1985) will work on the Sony, and there are some really good models out there such as the legendary 'beercan'; whilst Nikon and Canon are the biggest two manufacturers, they also have a lot of ranges and mounts for their lenses and the overall range which will fit the D40 probably isn't that much greater than the Sony's offering...

    I'd suggest having a read of [url][/url] for a good perspective on the Nikon D40. I preferred the smaller size of the D40 and slightly more rugged feel to it. However, I don't want to play around with all the different settings - I wanted something that was simply faster and better quality than my compacts without needing to get creative. Of all the cameras I played around with, I actually liked the Olympus 520 and the Canon EOS1000D the best.
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