Digital Sound from TV

    I have Q about sky.

    I have an old box (The robot eye model) and I am informed that the scart feed to my plasma is not digital hence the poor quality sound through my surround system.

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    Does freeview (Built into TV) give digital sound?

    Would a Humax Foxsat give me digital sound.

    Can I get sound close to that provided by DVDs (Not bluray)?

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    it has 2 optical ins so your sky hd , sky + , freeview hd set top box only needs to output 5.1 in optical format for you to connect. otherwise you'll get 2 channel stereo over the optical connection with the amp in your surround maybe , up mixing to Dolby pro logic 1/2

    your tv might have an optical/digital out for your built in freeview , link tv to amp via optical cable…asp
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    but i dont have freview HD or Sky HD or even Sky plus.

    I have invested in a bluray surround sound system (LG HB405SU) and the sound from it is pretty impressive.

    I can also use my PC as a NAS and music played is quite good too.

    I have already invested in HDMI connection as well as Optical from TV to Sound System and the PC connection is wired.

    I only have the basic white Sky box (Into TV via scart) and realise that this is where my problem probably lies.

    The sound from ordinary channels is pretty dire by comparison (Obviously)

    1) If I improve my arial so that my TV can get Freeview - Built in (LG PJ650) will that be digital sound and would it be a lot better?

    2) If I were to invest in a Humax Foxsat 320Gb would that be a LOT better than the Skybox and would that also be digital?

    I appreciate that I would also get some HD content and realise that this would obviously be better.

    Also any other suggestions appreciated.

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    if your model has digital out then you can connect via optical out to the optical in on your lg speaker kit. Take note there may be lip sync issues and the need to adjust milliseconds settings etc.

    number 5 on diagram is the digital/optical out.

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    Thanks Dontasclime.

    I have already connected via the optical out. Lip sync appears to not be a problem.

    All I want to know is - Is the signal that I am getting NOW digital (I thought it was) and will that improve immensely with a Humax?

    the output from the optical out is digital, the amp/surround package you have will be decoding, if you have freeview the picture is digital. [Transmission]
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    Ah OK.

    Sorry if I sound dumb. Part of getting old, I guess.

    So the sound signal gets decoded into digital but the SKY Freesat picture that I receive presently is not, but will be if I get Freeview or Freesat?.

    Is that correct?

    The output from the back of your TV is a Digital out .. This is an optical out. (red light) fibre optic..

    When you say you have the old sky robot ey model .. I don't know what that is or the specification.

    How you connect that box to your TV will effect the picture quality like any other bit of receiver equipment.

    HDTV look much better when at least level entry HD resolution is used 1280x720 [720p]

    Non HD equipment normally lack component/ HDMI, older non HD sky boxes connect to TV's including HDTV via composite[yellow RCA] [video] white and red RCA L/R, stereo audio, or via an RGB/SCART theses connections to an HDTV are/can be pretty poor with regards to quality the TV's scaler chip can tidy things up but cannot work miracles.

    If your sky box falls into this category then its an SD device [Standard definition] although they might call it sky digital that referred to the difference between the older analogue sky system and it's new version.

    Your TV I believe has Freeview built in (non HD version) so whilst it's classed as digital TV(Ariel) it is still standard definition [SD]

    The TV you have is an HDTV so therefore the freeview picture will not be the best picture quality your TV is capable of, although it will probably look a little better than if you were to connect an external [SD] freeview box because of the internal connection (eg no scart /composite cable to connect as such)

    Your TV =HDTV so input an HD source/ SKY+HD...Freeview HD....Freesat HD

    The above will be 720p [1280x720] high definition picture [level entry] full HD is 1080p [1920x1080]

    I would imagine each one has a digital / optical out to connect with your sound system and will give you depending on the source/broadcast eg a recent film will give a DD 5.1 signal to your compatible amp/surround package. (digital)…tv/…NC-

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    Thank you for that Dontasclime.

    Now I understand.

    Dish upgrade and Humax next then.

    Hope that didn't put you out too much but its much clearer for me now.

    Your time appreciated.

    You're welcome
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