Digital TV Splitter???

    I bought a digital tv for my bedroom but can't get a signal, even with a small aerial I bought from Argos. Someone said I needed a digital tv splitter, but haven't a clue what one of these is (I have a plug in aerial on our tv downstairs). Can anyone offer any advice please?


    It kind of - depends on what you are thinking of doing...

    In its simplest form, you either need a stronger airel in your bedroom, - or - perhaps an amplified ariel... OR you can get what some people call splitters that in effect mean that you take - or borrow the signal from your main digital input (as in Sky Dish or Cable TV downstairs) and via cabel, you come out of that box, and send the cable up to your TV in the bedroom, where you will then be able to recieve the digital signal. (as it is being taken from the other box)

    If you don't have digital in the house at all - then that is a different story, but I doubt that?

    The actual splitters themselves aren't that hard to use - and very easy to get hold of. As are booster ariels and so on.

    If you live in a place that suffers from low signal for TV in all honesty, your best long term solution would be to get a proper loft based or outside based ariel, as the more analogue TV disappers, sooner or later you will need one...

    Assuming you don't opt for Sky Multi Room, or Cables equivalent.

    Hope that helps a bit - but I am sure there are some techies on here which will add more if needed.


    What i have done is use a amplified booster in the loft which is also a splitter , then drill a hole in the bedroom ceiling and run the cable down.…htm

    I bought one from tesco for £20 and it works a treat through a concrete wall
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