Digital upstairs, linking tv's?

    Alright well, I want to be able to have digital upstairs. Currently I have virgin media downstairs and wondered if its possible sending it upstairs without having to sign up to something else on virgin media. I have a shockingly bad freeview reception in my area so thats not possible unless i pay to have an ariel fitted to the roof. Is it possible for me to link the digital downstairs to the one above?


    you can use a video/audio sender but it does limit you to watching whatever is on downstairs, altho you can get ones which can be controled with a seperate remote so u can still change chanel from upstairs

    I have a sender which works on sky, it transmits to tv upstairs and you can also change chanels, not sure if this works on Virgin? They cost around £30 from Argos.

    click the link for advise on a/v senders ]http//ww…eye

    damn you beat me to it:thumbsup::x

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    Thank you very much mardyass, I just ordered one of them TECHNIKA transmitters. I'll leave you some rep.
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