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i have a timed exam coming up and, in order to keep track during it, im looking for a digital watch.

I want a digital with a reasonably sized display (clear to read upon a quick glance), it needs to have a stopwatch function with reset so i can time and see clearly how much has passed. i'd prefer to switch off any beeps or noise it makes on button press. I would want it to be plain and not garish. Prob black or dark blue.

Lastly it needs to be cheap as im only likely to use it on this one occasion. i normally wear analogue watches.
Any suggestions where i can find one?

Thanks guys



What exam is it?....just curious

Sometimes your not allowed them in exams.

Why not just look at your watch, remember what time the exam started and look at the time that has passed...

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im allowed a watch. its an exam with different 'segments/stations' each a certain number of mins long and you have to get everything done in the time. you need to keep checking how far through you are to fit it all in.
i figured it'd be easier to time each section rather than keep working it out on an analogue. each time you look you;d havde to quickly work out how long since you started and how long left. with a digital it'd be more of a reflex
quick glance gives the answer

will check out the amazon sugestion. thanks

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just checked the amazon link. thats the watch i had as a kid and i still have to face without a strap. i still use that face in the gym sometimes.



hehehejust checked the amazon link. thats the watch i had as a kid and i … hehehejust checked the amazon link. thats the watch i had as a kid and i still have to face without a strap. i still use that face in the gym sometimes.classic

Yep that's right it's a classic that's why i thought it would be perfect! :thumbsup:


Let's say that kickoff is 15.00 and there are 4 segments of 12, 17, 15 and 16 minutes - presumably you'll know how long each is before the start.

So you scribble down :

1. 15.12
2. 15.29
3. 15.44
4. 16.00

Then if you're worried about how you're doing look at the time and that's it. I mean if you've been struggling with something at the beginning of the 3rd section for what seems like ages and take a look and see that it's 15.36 you'll know you've got to get a move on because it finishes at 15.44.

It seems to me that if you buy a digital watch you're still going to have to do some mental stuff anyway so I don't see the point and if you don't know the breakdown until you open the paper then you're really going to struggle to do the one useful thing some of them can do which is programme a countdown alarm but even that is a bit of a false dawn as I don't think you can programme different times on a countdown alarm in advance.

If you are unable to work out that you could just nip down to Argos, or the local market and pick up something that will do the job for little money, then you should probably not bother taking the exam.

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andy - the exam is a little more complex than the situation u suggested. things can get v hectic and strained, the watch is for a reflex reaction to look at. as may be required in this exam. cheers for your suggestion anyway

hahaha....cheers for that termite. brilliant. im sure your useful input has made you feel better about yourself. cant think of any reason for your contribution other than low self-worth.

your definition of whats little money may be different from mine. i requested the info for my own reasons and i'd consider the cheaper the better. if someone suggests a £6 option and the same item is £9 elsewhere then thats a 30% saving. you may call me a cheapskate, i can deal with it. hope that helps you understand things a little better...keyboard warrior

Ok, I understand, I think. So for £5.20 a stopwatch here astopwatch.com/pro…nds which can have its beep silenced according to the features table here astopwatch.com/inf…asp.

This one does split times not lap times so you will have to stop it at the end of each segment and restart it immediately. Only 3 button presses though.

For a lap time stopwatch there is this astopwatch.com/pro…D=6 for £17.85 . It also has no beep. With a lap time stopwatch you just have to start it once and then press one button at the end of each segment; it will start another session from 0 straight away so only one button press per segment of 3. You would have to decide whether the extra money is worth it.

The main advantage of a proper stopwatch is the size of the display. There is no chance of confusion and it seems that this is what you most need.

Delivery is free by 2nd class post (or £6.75 for next day).

I've used a number of Fastime stopwatches over the years and they're much better made than the curvy stopwatches with useless button springs that are sold elsewhere.

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cheers for that andy. i'll take a look at those. the display will be bigger which would be handy. hopefully wont get in the way during the exam
thankfully theres a short pause between sections which would allow the reset. cheers for your help matey

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