DigitalDirect gone into Receivership! Extended warranties no longer honoured :(

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Found 7th Oct 2010
Thought i'd let people know that DigitalDirect went into receivership earlier this year, my Toshiba tv that i got in Jan 2009 has a fault so i emailed digital direct to get it repaired to which they replied with:

"Can you please contact Toshiba customer service on 08448560730 as they arrange repairs to their TVs.

Please note you are now outside the manufacturers original 12 months warranty and unfortunately the company you bought the TV and therefore the extended warranty from has gone into receivership earlier this year so your extended warranty is null and void.

Can I suggest that when you contact Toshiba you do not indicate this warranty, or they may refer you back to your retailer, who does not exist. Since this is a common fault with Toshiba TVs they may repair it under their warranty.

Thank you

James Whaite
J Whaite (Returns manager)
Elitemark Ltd
Telephone 01204 414131
Fax 0845 3453790
EMAIL [email protected]uk"

I don't know when they went into receivership, there's no info on their site about this. Toshiba refused to repair my tv for free saying that "we decide whats a design flaw not the internet" when i pointed out that lots of people on the internet have the same fault with my model on the internet therefore its a design flaw. Its the power button btw, it no longer works so i have to put it into standby all the time, the spring mechanism in the button has broken i.e design flaw.

Thought i'd let people know as there's 0 results for "digital direct receivership" on google.

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arent they part of soundandvision?

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yes they have seperate company names though.


Hi, thanks for letting us know about this, we weren't aware of the issues with this merchant.
There's also some info on AV forums…tml

We've put Digital Direct on "Do Not Post" for now and we'll monitor the situation here.

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you should change the message to "DO NOT POST, COMPANY HAS GONE INTO RECEIVERSHIP"

you should also delete all digitaldirect deals posted on this site, alot of people will get burn't by this. The directors are the same and they have 2 sound and vision stores under a different company name.
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apparently this mob went into administration on 21st June but are now trading again under a different parent company.…tml

Ive had the same argument with digital direct today. Reported fault to them just when my £1800 tv started to go faulty. Was told by them and Sony bad connection between tv and aerial. (Yea thats why its worked ok for a year). Spoke to Consumer Direct today and have sent letter explaining im claiming under Sales of goods act. Also if bought on credit such as buy now pay later, the creditors may also be jointly responsible to deal with the issue. I advise anyone with a problem to look up Sales of goods act and Section 75 of Consumer Credit act. This company exactly same, we should take it as far as possible and try to not let them get away with this!!!

Same here - response was as follows:

Unfortunately the company you bought your TV and extended warranty from went into receivership in June 2010, this means that your extended warranty is no longer valid.

The company I work for, Elitemark Ltd, bought the name Digital Direct from the receiver along with its web site , but has no responsibility for any sales or warranties sold by the previous company.

May I suggest that you contact LG customer service on 08448 475454 who I am sure will be able to assist you with your problem.

Thank You

James Whaite

Elitemark Ltd
Returns Manager
Tele 01204 414127
Email [email protected]

Way to abdicate responsibility.... Unfortunately the TV is a couple of years old, so no recourse to LG for me. Brilliant....


When companies go into receivership, none of the existing owners should be allowed to trade again unless they honour all their obligations.
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