Has anyone heard of this site?

    Is it safe to order from? Is it genuine?

    Has anyone ordered anything from it?


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    anyone got any idea?

    Deal with them. Price was about the lowest for the type of product, received equipment works.
    The customer service was top notch.

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    thank you. REP ADDED.


    Deal with them. Price was about the lowest for the type of product, … Deal with them. Price was about the lowest for the type of product, received equipment works.The customer service was top notch.

    Prices sound too good to be true, the company does not provide a registered address, and it is only possible to pay by bank transfers (credit cards are not accepted unless you are a "repeat customer" - weirdest thing I have ever heard!).

    Eurocivic's comment may be perfectly genuine but given that he only joined the forum 2 days ago (at about the time that appears to have opened), I would take it with a pinch of salt. AVForum has a thread on this which advises caution about the site (see…tml ) - you'll see on there that the only positive comment also comes from someone who joined the site 2 days ago... Funny that!

    Having said all that, if any well known member of this forum has successfully used the site, please shout as the prices do really look attractive (I presume the rationale is being able to avoid VAT if the goods are delivered from North Cyrpus - i.e. outside the EU?)

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    Thank you for your comment...all of what you said went through my mind also. Though I hadn't read the avforums link.

    Was thinking of that can't hustle an honest man...and ixnayed the idea.

    Have left you rep

    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"][SIZE="6"]This is a SCAM!!! [/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Dont touch with a Barge Pole. :x

    Clever, though. They even have coupon codes on retailmenot etc.

    The the prices are very tempting but I guess that is the point.

    I would suggest anyone thinking of ordering from there should check out the discussion on the AVForum link already posted above.

    I haven't heard anything from anybody that claims to have been scammed by them yet, but I would still stay well clear. It's not worth risking losing say 500 quid to save 100 quid is it?

    I'm a newcomer but I thought I'd throw my 2-cents here and let you judge for yourself. I just posted this on pricegrabber and I am going to go around the web spreading my word coz I HATE SCAMMERS!

    Buyer Beware!! I wanted to buy a macbook pro but I smell a hoax here:
    1) Price was unreasonably low (40% lower than competitors). They claim it is tax-free, but how come no one else does that online?
    2) Spelling mistakes on website (Privledge!)
    3) Request payment by money transfer as a "first-time customer".
    4) No accessories or "cheap" items for sale. I might be mistaken, but I don't think I am. I felt I should create an account and write my first review here.

    Shop Smart!!
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