dilemma re booking flights. any help much appreciated x

dilemma re booking flights. any help much appreciated x
We've booked a private apartment in Mallorca for the summer holidays next year (2017). I've been having a look at flights and some are available with Thomson and Jet2 and are coming in at around £290 per person (including luggage, etc). It's been a long time since we booked a holiday that wasn't a package so I'm feeling a little lost as to what to expect to pay for flights. Just unsure as to whether to book now or if it's likely that the prices will come down.

There are 8 of us travelling (6 adults and 2 children, aged 5 and 3). We want to fly from Leeds Bradford is Doncaster (not really prepared to travel to Manchester or Liverpool because it's just too far/awkward for some members of our party).

We are stuck to dates because of the accomodation (friday 11th August to friday 25th August) and there don't seem to be a great deal of options for friday flights to Palma (e.g. Ryanair haven't flown from Leeds to palma on a Friday this year...). Looks as though Thomson and Jet2 will be our best bets.

Can anyone give me an idea of whether we might be better of waiting, or if we should just go for it? Anyone care to share what they pay for flights to Palma? And when you booked.

Last minute isn't an option due to the size of our party and the fact that we are stuck to specific dates.



You need to wait. Easyjet and RyanAir will not release their 2017 flights until late this year (October as I recall). I think they both publish the dates their flights will be released.

you have plenty of time, for the airlines to have their sales around Xmas or new year


It's my mum who posted the above question. Ryanair Leeds to palma flights for next summer are already out and they're aren't flying on a Friday (and they're extortionate!). So the only options we have are Thomson (from Leeds or doncaster - but the flight times are rubbish from doncaster) and Jet2 (from Leeds).

I'm just a bit worried that because there isn't really any competition from leeds (other than what is already released), the prices might not come down by much and might go up by quite a lot.

As it stands, we can handle paying the current price. Less would be better, but more would be difficult...

So confusing oO

I know you said you don't want to do Manchester, but there is a much bigger choice of flights from there. It might be worth looking as the prices could be a lot lower

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thanks for help. think we'll hang on a while x
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