Dinner Plates (chipped) Advice

Posted 11th Jul 2016
Finding most of my dinner and side plates getting chipped in the dishwasher. Most probably caused
by hitting against each other. Im not sure what type they are but its usually the cheap ones.. dinner sets for
less than £10. It might be stoneware.

My sis in law recommended Porcelain but internet tells me thats even more delicate than stoneware.

Wouldn't mind spending extra this time and hopefully get something on Prime day.

I don't mind chipped plates lol as I just avoid that area. Took a photo. Sadly mugs are getting chipped as well.. and
so those will be chucked out as don't want bleeding mouth.

So anyone recommend types of dinner plate that would be strong enough to avoid
getting chipped in teh dishwasher. Thanks in Advance.
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WHY are people still suggesting ton weight Denby stuff, when the OP has already said that she has weak hands and it's one of the reasons her plates get broken. I have the same problem and find my nice Denby plates a nightmare to use and painful to lift and stack.
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