Diplomatic Row Brewing.......

    Could this be real....?


    Original Poster

    Original Poster

    I think so.

    Hopefully wont be spammed this time.

    Doubt this is real though.

    lol soo funny if it is :w00t:

    Nice 1! :-D:-D:-D

    Made me smile even if its not for real ,but how funny would it be if it was ?

    I hope its real. What a leged if it is.
    More of this should happen, whats wrong with having a laugh every now and then. He's only trying to scrounge afree VIP box, so why should that be treat as though he's trying to avert a catastrophe?
    Bill O'Leary sounds great.

    The addy of 'Consulat Général De France' is 'Rue du blaguer' = 'Joker Street'
    Also I dont think there is a Irish "Department of Diplomatic Affairs" either

    Still funny!

    Hope so
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