Direct Debit abbreviations

Posted 3rd May 2018
Hi everyone...

So I've finally decided so sort my finances out and am in the middle of cancelling some direct debits. Does anyone know if there is a list online of abbreviations to show what I'm actually paying towards?
I've found a couple such as SLMLTD INCOME and DGS/RPP but don't have a clue what they are for.
And yes I know, it's silly but any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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Google them, SLMLTD INCOME is something like everyone active/everyone health, DGS/RPP is something like Domestic General Service - so some sort of warrenty/insurance direct debit
If you Google those items it should tell you. The SLmltd one looks like its from everyone active. I'm sure you can check the other
I think DGS/RPP means repayment plan, which bank are you with?
DGS/RPP is often electrical appliance insurance. Your best bet would be to contact your bank who should have more information.
DGS/RPP DD stands for Domestic & General Services/ Regular Payment Plan Direct Debit. If you have this on your bank statement, it means that at some point,you have given them permission (whether intentionally or inadvertently) to take a direct debit from your account.
I pay for swimming lessons to Smc ltd income.
Its a local leisure centre.
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