Groups >>> Members Scheme >>> Legit or too good to be true????

    I wanna buy some stuff of this website and it says under the clubs i want that there is a "Members Price" and it gives a price about £80 cheaper. Now to register to be a member you just enter your details as you would in a normal site.

    This seems to good to be true and i cant find any where on the site saying you have to pay a monthy fee like certain other sites did.

    Any ideas or is it really this good....

    Many Thanks in advance, rep will be left to any helpful comments as i really want these clubs!


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    Looks genuine to me. … Looks genuine to me. :thumbsup:

    Yeah thats the page i found but still a bit weary....

    I've used them before and they are legit. They also have special deals for the RBS staff.

    It is legit, i think they do it to make you seem like you are having a big discount, and they are slightly overpriced anyway, but a really good site
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