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    Hi all,
    I was wondering... If I'm a additional driver on a policy that has not got "no claims discount" protected, and I need to make claim, will the policy holder (that has 5 years ncd) loose their no claims? Surely not as I'm making the claim, and the ncd doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the policy holder? Hmm..



    Yes they will.
    As you're not the policyholder they'll need to make the claim.

    They won't loose it all though. 2 years iirc

    Ah, re-read. if it's protected they won't loose any, But will still need to declare the claim in future.

    Original Poster

    No it hasn't got no claims protected =P so if I need to make a claim, the policy holder will loose 2years on their ncd... What's iirc?

    If I remember correctly. They can only take 2 years NCD off the policyholder per claim.
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