Dirty Dancing @ Aldwych Theatre on 29th September

    I'm looking to get hold of 2 tickets for this show, treat for the wife on my Birthday..... thats how it works when ya married !?!?!


    Dirty Dancing tickets for a Saturday evening performance are really difficult to get hold of. I have tried loads of sites including Ticketmaster and Lastminute but they are all sold out. The only sites that seem to have tickets available are ones that sell them for loads more than the face value, have seen a couple selling at around £90 per person!

    Some of the companies that do theatre packages including hotel may have some availability for the date you are looking for but you say you are just looking for tickets so these companies won't really be of use.

    If I come across any available at a better price will let you know

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    Cheers Engadine, really appreciate your time and efforts, to be honest a matinee show might be better, we can go and get smashed after that way, its not often we get out on the town what with having a baby and all.

    Thanks a million,,,,, JON

    i will ask for you as the pub i run in kent we are the local to the theater owner so get offered tickets all the time shall ask next friday when he comes in

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    Nice one Wesser9999 thanks, what a result.
    What pub in Kent ? I live in Singlewell, Kent - just outside Gravesend, if ya get my tickets sorted I'll owe you one bigtime.

    Ta... JON

    Sounds like a really handy guy to know! Great result if he can get tickets for you.

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    Tell me about it, I'm on the edge of my seat !!!
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