Disable Lost Ford Key Fob?

Posted 22nd Dec 2019

I've lost one key fob for my Focus Titanium 64 plate but I still have my spare fob. How can I disable the lost fob so that if anyone finds it, they can't steal my car?
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I think u will need too have it reprogarmmed. Can't think of anything else.
Not sure on Ford, but some manufacturers allow you(a professional) to disable old key/s off the on board computer and program new keys. Not sure how advanced the ford focus is but, you will need a locksmith or dealer/indie to do this for you regardless. If you are based in London or around, call this guy: 07970256257
Can it be traced back to you locally if found?

If there is a concern then have a look at your motor policy. Some insurers offer a section of cover to replace lost keys or to recode the receiver.
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Didn't your car flash up fob not detected when you drove off?
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Have a look at your insurance policy. It may cover lost keys.

You need to have the whole car reprogrammed. Remote locking & immobiliser. Even new locks all around because they can still get in the car even if the remote central locking & immobiliser codes are changed.

Anything from £300 to £1500.
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